Heath John Henry


Heath John Henry was born in Viroqua, Wisconsin on October 19, 1985. Upon graduating high school in 2004, Heath enlisted in the military for a brief time. After fulfilling his service, he moved to the Bahamas and stayed with his mother. He lived between the Bahamas and Wisconsin for many years during his adult life, having family in both places. Over the years he has made many friends in the U.S. and the Bahamas and become involved with Baha’i faith communities in both places. Heath is a loving and free spirit. His many interests include practicing jujitsu, reading (he is an avid reader), and riding dirt bikes with friends. He has a deep love for all animals, especially his beloved dog and loyal companion of nine years, Nya. He has worked at a variety of trades including carpentry, dog training, and farming on his uncle’s farm in Wisconsin.


In the summer of 2009, Heath moved to Nassau and was invited to assist with  community classes that the local Baha’i were offering there. Heath became a Baha’i in 2010 and soon went with some members of the community in Nassau to train and do work in Antigua and Trinidad. He showed a great interest in the Junior Youth program which involved youth aged 11-15. He became a well-loved member of the Baha’i community in Nassau and an inspirational figure to those he interacted with. Eventually, he led as many as three Junior Youth and Children’s classes.  “He loved to do the work. He really understood ‘to do’ as opposed to just talk. He put the learning of the virtues into action.  . . .  He loves the work of uplifting people, building veritable friendships, and is hugely compassionate,” says a friend of Heath’s and fellow Baha’i who worked closely with him over the years.

All who know him and understand the amount of work he has put into helping communities in the Bahamas know him as someone with enormous love and compassion. “He’s always thinking of others… always putting others before himself,” says his mother Gail Henry-Galster.